Our Values

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 Our Purpose for Being 

We are a community learning together and growing together to create a more joyous, just and sustainable world.

 Our Values 

At Chrysalis we strive to embed habits of mind and heart that we need very much to help our community thrive. 

SENSE OF BELONGING - We cherish our community culture of engagement and involvement, recognising our interconnectedness and celebrating inclusivity and diversity. Every individual is worthwhile, unique and makes a contribution.

CARE AND RESPECT - Our circle is cherished. All our actions and interactions show care and consideration for people, property, and the beauty of our environment. We nurture our own personal health and wellbeing. We respect the natural world and are stewards of the Earth.

SELF DISCOVERY & PERSEVERANCE - Learning happens where there is desire, skill, challenge, and support. Our community strives to remove fears and obstacles to discovery so that our students may rise above their own expectations and do more than they thought possible.  We view all our experiences as learning opportunities – both inside and outside the classroom.

JOYFULNESS - Although each day might bring ups and downs, the overall experience of life has an undercurrent of joy and wonder. We are present, with an awakened human spirit. We are capable and confident in our self-responsibility, and passionate in using our unique talents to serve others. 

REFLECTION - We need time alone and in groups to think, explore our thoughts, make connections, and foster new ideas. Shared experiences bond and inspire us to continuous improvement. 

LOVE OF LEARNING - We nurture individual and collaborative passion, and an innate love of learning. We encourage curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. We hold a core belief that learning, study, and work should be inspiring, meaningful, and enjoyable.  This love leads to intrinsic motivation of students and a desire to be responsible for their learning.