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Papillon - Kite Flying

Papillon started the week exploring the wonders of the circle – the introduction of Geometry.

They listened to the challenges Sir Cumference, Lady Di, their son Radius and Camelot’s carpenter, Geo of Metry who had to design the perfect table for King Arthur – the round table. With much discussion about some of the parts of the circle - circumference, diameter and radius Papillon students were then challenged to make a circular kite with Aboriginal dot paining designs.

Once finished they invited Mark to join them to fly the kites. They could not contain themselves and with such excitement we had kites flying in all directions with comments such as “This is the best birthday I have ever had”, “I didn’t think it would fly” and “I cant wait to make another one”. The joyous and precious times of a child – lets go fly kites!

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