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Harmony Day 2019

This year we started the Harmony Day festivities at the open space next to the school with all children and families. The Singing Club opened the celebration with “I am Australian” in Yawuru language.

We then welcomed the community members from each continent, celebrating the diversity of our community and all the great traditional costumes. Mariposa presented a Polish children’s game (The Old Bear) and a Zulu Warrior song and dance (Izeke Zumba), led by our fantastic drummers.

Jurate and Liepa led the community in a traditional Lithuanian dance, and our finale was the singing club closing with John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’.

Our morning tea was a multi-cultural Fiesta! There was an amazing smorgasbord, with culinary delights from around the world. Children were able to taste delicacies from Greece, India, France, Engalnd, Iran, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Malaysia, Syria and El Salvador just to name a few!

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