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Challenge Days

Challenge Days were a great hit with the children during term 1; The theme in Papillon was Artic Animals and in Spitfires it was a geography based challenge. As part of Maria Montessori's Cosmic education curriculum the students of Mariposa have been studying the Fundamental Needs of People (FNOP). Some of these needs include nourishment (food & water), shelter and defence to name but a few.

The study of FNOP greatly informed our Carly Challenge Day in the last week of term 1 where the scenario revolved around the students becoming 'stranded' of a desert island with only a few basic supplies and having a number of tasks to complete to ensure their survival. These included making a shelter for an oncoming storm, constructing various tools for water collection and creating items of clothing or defence (for the nearby crocodiles). The morning was a huge success and we were lucky enough to be able to 'rain test' our shelters as it started to rain just as they were completed!

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