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Winter Solstice Festival 2016

This year our theme was 'Makuru', the Noongar cold and wet winter Season of June and July. Traditionally, this was a good time of the year to move back inland from the coast as the winds turned to the west and south bringing the cold weather and rains. As the waterways and catchments started to fill, people were able to move about their country with ease and thus their food sources changed from sea, estuarine and lake foods to those of the lands and, in particular, the grazing animals such as the kangaroo.

A wonderful afternoon was enjoyed by all with the children giving a beautifully and visually expressive performance to the story of ‘Makuru’ . After the performance there was plenty of food, soups and mulled wine to share while enjoying the performers on centre stage for the Music Lounge. For everyone who found the time to walk the Spiral will agree that the beauty and spiritual feel of the space was a highlight of the day.

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