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Boshack Outback Camp April 2016

Past the munching sheep and doe eyed cows we ventured into the stunning surrounds of Boshack camp. It was a long bus ride, but absolutely worth the trip. A picturesque natural lake, large eucalypts and comfortable looking 10 person tents was our home away from home for 3 days.

After showing the campers the rustic facilities and log burning water heater, it was all aboard the trailer for a bumpy, wind- swept and giggly drive back to the farm section of Boshack for some energetic sheep herding. The adults quickly realised that they couldn’t outrun the children (or sheep) and observed the spectacle with admiration. The other farm activities included feeding the horses, water divining, boomerang throwing, walking amongst the paperbark grove and witnessing the amazing ‘yogi yabby’ get hypnotised (by our knowledgeable guide, Tamara), when stood on his head.

The second day was a windy one, which made for some entertaining canoe navigation. No one fell out of a canoe this year, but the same can’t be said for the raft building groups. They also attempted to construct a mia mia using branches from the bush. Future architects, builders and interior designers were in their element.Net fishing during free time was extremely popular and the creative Jocelyn had us all peacefully weaving with natural objects late afternoon as the sun set.

Our final day included an obstacle course where students raced against the adults. It was proven that longer legs mean nothing and the students were victorious! The children had a fabulous time. Comments about their favourite parts included a love of pancakes for breakfast, showering under the stars (where only the birds could see you), seeing the teachers in their pyjamas and getting to have a giant slumber party with all of your friends.

Thank you to all the parent helpers and those who supplied the campers with delicious home baked goodies for our snacks. Here’s looking forward to next year!

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