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School Camp at New Norcia

This year the Upper Primary students enjoyed their annual 3 day camp at New Norcia. Some comments from the Swordtails class about their favourite part at New Norcia are published below.

" My favourite part of of the New Norcia camp was the spear and boomerang throwing because I learnt that throwing spears isn't that hard (especially when you have a spear thrower) and it is really fun throwing boomerangs". Jonah

" My camp highlight was the belly dancing (taught by Leah) and the bush tucker walk (taught by Father Bernard). I absolutely loved the food it was the best camp food I have ever tasted. The dorms were great and the beds were the comfiest I've ever slept in. New Norcia was the best camp I have ever been to. The pool was amazing and really deep except the hornets, ants and other insects were pretty scary." Aahlia

" The best bit about camp was the Yanchep National Park because our guide was hilarious and because I found out didgeridoos are really hard to play." Jack

"I always look forward to camp. I try to think of it as a 3 day sleepover with all my friends - random toilet trips at 10:00pm, giggling and whispering at 11:00pm and going to sleep at 1:00am." Isabella

"I think the best thing that I liked was the safety lesson with Len in the pool. Especially when my dad was the victim." Max A

"My camp highlight was the food! Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert were all sensational. But the good thing is that we got to have seconds, thirds and even fourths. My favourites were the apple crumble, spaghetti, sausages & eggs, the pancakes and last but not least the penne pasta with cheese." Anonymous

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