Allergy information

Chrysalis is a “nut aware” school but does not claim to be “nut free”.


Several children at our school have life threatening (anaphylactic) allergies to nuts. These allergies are to many nuts including peanuts, pistachio, cashew, almonds and walnuts. These children are now spread across many classrooms so this affects all of our school.


We therefore ask parents not to bring nuts to school for snacks, in lunch boxes or after school treats. 


After school rules

The same school rules need to apply after school as we would expect during school times. This means:

  • shoes to be worn outside

  • any eating and drinking to take place at the tables in the cathedral area, immediately after school

  • parents/carers to be in sight.


Shoes are a necessary safety requirement for our school’s operation at all times when outside. The food rule is a key component of Montessori grace and courtesy lessons at school and is a safety issue to limit contamination of foods into the playground for some of our children with anaphylaxis and allergies.


We also ask for any food eating to take place straight after school so that the cathedral area can be a quiet space from 3.15pm. This area is surrounded by classrooms, where teachers do often work and prepare after school.


Parent supervision needs to be visible and proactive. This helps children demonstrate respect to their school surroundings, to each other and to teachers and staff who are working after school.



Children are honoured at Chrysalis on their birthday in various ways in each class. Montessori has a wonderful ritual of walking around a candle/sun to signify how many journeys around it. We also acknowledge children’s virtues and attributes.


It is not essential to provide a birthday cake or food. Each class has a different arrangement for this so please check with your child’s class teacher. Teachers do request prior notification if you plan to bring something in. If bringing in food we ask that you consider our Healthy Eating Guidelines. It can be a fruit platter, or another snack, not necessarily a cake.



Stickers and/or dashboard cards are available front front reception and identify your car as belonging to a Chrysalis family. This is necessary to help us prevent others parking in school grounds.


Parking restrictions exist outside the school grounds and a Chrysalis sticker will not prevent you getting a ticket when parked on the road. So please take note of the relevant parking restrictions.


If you are drop off to school early please leave before the bell if you can. If you come early for pick up please leave the car park at 3pm. Come back in 15 minutes if you want to stay at school – it does clear by then! Or park somewhere else to the school car park.


Do not stop near the entrance/beginning of the car park. If waiting for a car park please pull in at least four car lengths, to the middle of the car park. This stops cars backing up out into the street.

Information about school hours, absences, allergies, after school rules, healthy eating guidelines, birthdays and parking.


School hours

School starts for all children at 8.45am. Children can be left unattended at school after 8.20am when a staff member is on duty in the playground to supervise.


Younger children in the Children's Houses (those aged three to four and three months) attend five days until midday. The term your child reaches four and 3 months  they are eligible for the extended day program and can attend school for the full five days per week.


Children's Houses: 8.45am - 12pm Monday-Friday

Extended day and primary: 8.45am-3pm Monday-Friday



It's important to notify the school if students are absent for all or part of the day. Notification of absentees can be sent using the Chrysalis school app, an email to the school office at or by telephone.

Parent information