Outdoor play at Chrysalis

Outdoor play is an important part of life at our school. And our custom-built outdoor playground is just one way outdoor play is nurtured.

Designed by Perth nature play landscaper Bernhard Kaiser, playground features include a musical playhouse, which encourages our students to use their creativity and music abilities. Other areas encourage physical abilities like the climbing wall, the flying fox and the water feature.


The playground provides an opportunity for children to put their skills and abilities to work in a fun and safe environment.


 'Loose Parts' Play Area 

The Chrysalis ‘Loose Parts’ Playground opened in Term 4, 2018 and has been a huge success. 

Loose parts are objects and materials that children can move, manipulate, control, and change within their play. There are many benefits for playing with loose parts. Some of these benefits include:

1. Promoting a wide variety of play behaviours.  E.g. social play, dramatic playconstructive play and symbolic play.

2. Development of skills such as problem solving, creativity, decision making, persistence, and resilience.

3. Development of math and physical science concepts through the senses as children experiment with sand, water, buckets, measuring cups, and stacking materials.

4. Children of all ages can play with the same materials and use them in different ways  appropriate for their age and stage of development.

5. Opportunity for risk taking. Kids grow and learn when they have the permission and opportunities they need to take risks. Play spaces that allow for risky play also promote positive social interactions—such as one child   encouraging or helping another.

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