Our middle primary class, SPITFIRES, takes its name from the many varieties of caterpillars known as spitfires. Different species of these caterpillars will eventually transform into mini butterflies, moths and wasps.

Middle Primary - ages 9 to 10

In middle primary the children are moving towards greater independence and awareness of themselves and their place in the world.


Children have a great love of learning and capacity for discovery and this is something fostered throughout the school. In middle primary this is an excellent basis for involving children in making choices and decisions, setting goals and monitoring their learning with the guidance of the teacher.


The Montessori tenet of “freedom within limits” is an idea that underpins the class pedagogy.


The curriculum at this level is based on the National Curriculum but delivered in a way that reflects the Montessori philosophy.  At times children will be part of a whole class lesson, a small group lesson or they may be working with a partner or independently. 


They are learning respect for themselves and others and the environment through both explicit teaching and incidental opportunities. They may be working on iPads, the computer, using Montessori materials or with pencil in a workbook.

It is this merging of Montessori philosophy and the National Curriculum that we believe is the best way to prepare children to take their place in the world of the future.

Julie moved to Australia in 2001, joining Chrysalis 2002. She has since taught our junior and upper primary classes and is now our middle primary teacher.


Julie hails from NZ, where she completed her Diploma of Teaching, later updating it to a Bachelor of Education. She has since completed a Montessori diploma and a Diploma of Museum Studies at Edith Cowan University.


"Chrysalis has given me the opportunity to live my beliefs about teaching: that of the school as a community with shared values, educating our children in an atmosphere of encouragement and support." 

Meet our middle primary teacher