Our school was established by parents 1990 with just three teachers and 23 families at a temporary site in North Perth. ​


​The current site in Glendalough was purchased early in 1991 and with enrolments steadily increasing, Commonwealth funding became available the following year.

Extra classes, from the original one Children’s House and one primary class, were added from 1992 through to 1995. Within that time (1994) enrolments exceeded 100 students for the first time.


In 1996, after a lengthy appeal process, the school’s funding from the Commonwealth was increased from Category 3 to Category 7. This placed the school in a sound financial position and has allowed for greater resourcing of the classrooms and flexibility with staffing arrangements.


In 1997 a remodelling of the internal space made each classroom more physically accessible. The remodelling also created space for a more functional administration area, a new science/kitchen area for the children and a new library.

In 2000 our Mariposa classroom was added. There are now two Children’s Houses, two junior primary classes and two senior primary classes. In 2002 a safer and more holistic playground was developed by Bernhard Kaiser. The involvement from the parent body to fund and build the playground was a catalyst in strengthening the Chrysalis community.


In 2004 additional renovations were undertaken an undercover area was developed, additional teaching facilities were created and the administration and staff spaces were remodelled.


With the joining of Gumnut Montessori the school upgraded the existing art room.


Through Government funding, National Schools Pride grant of $75,000.00 the school built an art structure / outdoor area attached to the two Children's Houses. The funding from the Building Education Revolution for the 21st Century granted the school $850,000.00. The school added an upper storey at the front of the school for a new Library which was officially opened in April 2011.

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