Education Support

Children with learning difficulties, as well as gifted and talented students, have educational needs different to those of their peers. We acknowledge a responsibility to nurture these children by providing educationally appropriate programs and provisions to meet their needs.



Students may be identified for support by one of the following methods:

  • standardised testing

  • teacher observation

  • parent referral

  • report from a specialist (psychologist, occupational therapist, speech therapist etc).


Extensive observation and testing is undertaken during the early years to identify students at educational risk.  Students requiring support from outside agencies, (e.g. speech or occupational therapists), are usually referred during their kindergarten or pre-primary year.

From the beginning of the pre-primary year, (or sometimes even earlier), students at educational risk are offered individual or small group tuition, in addition to their class lessons, specifically targeting their area of difficulty.  Students continue to receive support until they reach and are able to maintain their position in the average achievement band.


Gifted and Talented

Students are identified for the Gifted and Talented program by one or more of the following methods:

  • gifted and talented class checklist

  • teacher observation

  • standardised testing

  • parent referral

  • psychological testing – WISC-IV or Stanford-Binet 5.

Gifted and Talented students are provided for in a variety of ways depending on their needs.  Within each classroom, acceleration is offered in literacy and numeracy and ability grouping, curriculum compacting and differentiation are used across all subject areas.


Each year, a selection of withdrawal programs, projects and competitions are offered to Gifted and Talented students to help them develop perseverance, independence, higher order thinking and to strive for excellence.  Some of the programs that have been offered in recent years are:

  • Opti-MINDS creative sustainability challenge

  • philosophy

  • computer programming

  • creative writing

  • Future Problem Solving Program

  • ICAS Testing

  • Australian Mathematics Competition.

As our education support teacher, Carly works with students experiencing difficulties as well as gifted and talented students. She works with individuals or small groups and provides support to class teachers to help them meet the needs of the diverse range of their students.


Carly joined Chrysalis as our sports teacher in 2004 and moved into her current role the following year. She has a Bachelor of Education and has undertaken extensive studies in learning difficulties and gifted and talented education.


“I find immense satisfaction in helping children to develop their talents and overcome their personal learning obstacles.”

Meet our education support teacher...

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