“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.”
- Maria Montessori


Creativity is highly valued at our school and the fostering of the creative process is woven throughout the curriculum however discreet art sessions operate in all cycles. These are programmed in collaboration with classroom teachers and often have cross-curricular links with, for example, science, mathematics, media studies and English.


Projects often incorporate excursions or incursions and students have in the past visited the Art Gallery of WA, Perth Zoo, Herdsman Lake and the WA Museum for inspiration. An art exhibition takes place biannually and work is also on display throughout the year.


The art programs incorporate the design process and as such are comprised of observational drawing, art skills and processes, elements and principles of art, design development and aspects of art history relevant to the topic. Children may complete projects in craft, drawing, painting and sculpture.

The emphasis of the programs is more on process rather than product however there is a focus on each child striving to reach their creative potential. In addition, children are encouraged to reflect on and discuss their own work and that of others and to see themselves as having valid and important ideas and skills to communicate to wider society. As a result projects are often open-ended and inclusive so that all children have the opportunity to succeed.

Meet our teacher...

Laura joined the Chrysalis teaching team in 2018 as the schools Art/Science specialist teacher. After joining us in 2016 as an Education Assistant and relief teacher.

Laura has been teaching for over 12 years,  the majority of that time being a teacher in the Australian Education system. Laura has taught in both state and independent schools and, had the opportunity to run her own Early Learning and Education Business. Laura has a devoted interest in Montessori Education and has embarked on completing all Montessori workshops.

Laura was born in UK. She also has an honours Degree in Business Management and has worked in the UK & Chicago. Along with her daughter and dog, Laura emigrated to Australia in 2006. Laura is passionate, friendly, happy, supportive and a very community minded person. She loves children, animals, surfing and her greatest achievement is her daughter … a true inspiration

Laura welcomes change and embraces challenges, she is a life-long learner. For Laura the Chrysalis community feels like home.

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