Our school song...

At Chrysalis we have the opportunity to grow,

We love to learn, and this is something all our teachers know.


At Chrysalis there’s nothing that’s so bad it can’t be loved,

Our symbol is a butterfly with wings that fly above.


We belong, we belong

We belong, we belong

The power of our love is very strong

We belong, we belong

We belong, we belong


At Chrysalis our hearts are filled with song, filled with song, filled with song.

About our school

Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision for any parent.

At Chrysalis, your child will be welcomed into a community which strives for the very best academic, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual environment. Chrysalis is a community-administered school and is always open to new ideas and suggestions.


We pride ourselves on having a strong community spirit and making new parents and children feel welcome and valued.


Throughout its relatively short history, our school has blossomed into a place where children know they are accepted and appreciated, respected and loved. This is a direct result of the commitment and generosity of spirit of the teachers, families and friends who have shared their skills and enthusiasm through the years. We have learned from each other and continue to work together to give the children an environment in which to thrive.


We have about 150 students. Class sizes are kept small, with a ratio of 1:11 in the Children’s Houses and 1:22-24 in the primary classes.


Our school is located only 10 minutes from the city centre, within easy reach of the Mitchell Freeway, and is located next to parklands and the Herdsman Lake. We have a carefully planned adventure play  ground (which has recently undergone a wonderful upgrade) which allows the children to exercise, explore and play in ways that enhance their physical and spatial development.


Our teachers are all state trained, with most having Montessori qualifications and each has seen the benefits of Montessori over many years of teaching. Your child will reap the rewards of years of professional and personal effort from each of them. Many staff are continuing to further their education. To our teachers, Montessori is not only a way of life, but also a way to contribute to the community.

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